Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Townhouse Garden - June Update, Back Garden

Well, it's a little bit delayed, but, here is the rest of my June update.
On one of only a handful of sunny day's I was able to snap some pic's.
The cushions are on the chairs, and the garden for the most part is planted.
Things have greened up and the roses are setting there buds.
The tomatoes "Bonny Best" have been planted, grown from seed I saved last year. Cages in place and ice cream buckets (bottom removed) are buried about 1 1/2" into the soil. Tomatoes like alot of water and with my soil, the water just seems to roll away when I water. With these additions, the water fills the buckets and slowly seeps down to the roots of the plant.
I have a total of 7 tomatoes here. A few volunteer Mullen, The two grapes are showing some growth. I have a New York Musket and the one in the back ground reaching for the Tomato cage is a Concord, a cutting started from an original plant located in Cougar Annies Garden

I didn't plant much in the veggie patch this year just a bit of this and that. Along the an abundance of volunteer Parsley and Mullen.
Some Onion sets, yellow and red, really easy to grow.
Another view of the Tomatoes, Concord Grape and Mullen.
The large stand of Hollyhocks I grew from seed last year, a biennial, they will flower this year. It looks like a forest of them. As seedlings they were small, so I planted them close together, never having grown Hollyhocks before. Last year they stayed small, but this year they are huge, I will have to re-think where I plant them in the future. Maybe only one here and there, not grouped as I have done here, I can barely get into the garden.Lots of new Raspberry canes have popped up this year.
The First rose bloom of the season, "Black Magic" a Jackson & Perkins rose.

And the Hydrangea, lots of flowers this year. They are just starting to turn colour.


  1. Your garden looks wonderful! I loved having my garden right off the patio, and it's surprising just how much one can grow in a small space.

    I did the same thing with my hollyhocks. I started the seedlings this spring, and set them out about 10 inches apart. Now they are an absolute jungle! I put five plants where I probably should have only one or two.

  2. @Granny, Yes, it is nice having the garden so close to the patio, right now if I sit at the end of the love seat, I have a beautiful blooming "Double Delight" Rose tapping me on the shoulder. And as gardeners we are always learning new things every year. I am already thinking of how next years garden is going to be planted.

  3. Wow, what a great idea to use buckets that are cut for the tomatos. I'll have to try that!

  4. @meemsnyc, with 2 kids there are plenty of ice cream bucket hanging around. One of there many uses.

  5. Oh my, Granny's cages are incredible! I'll have to show the hubby! I think he'll be scared to try to do this! LOL

  6. Great idea with the bottomless ice cream buckets! The Black Magic Rose is stunning! BTW we have the same water table! Love it for summer time fun!

  7. @Laura, That water tables gets a lot of use, we don't have enough room for a kiddy pool, but when my daughter was about 2 I found her sitting in it as if it were a pool. It's amazing the things they find to throw into it to, rocks, soil, flowers etc...

  8. Hi Heather, I just wanted to let you know my blog has moved. Stop by for a visit when you get a chance!