Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Apartment Garden 1999 - 2005

In the apartment is were I had my container garden.

The Geraniums in the clays pots look great but dried out way to fast.

Our balcony was a hot, southwest exposure. It was always a challenge to water all the containers and keep the plants from wilting during the day while I was at work. Especially the Japanese Maple that I had growing in a big half barrel pot.

I love plants that are both beautiful and that smell great. Due to the limited space on the balcony, and to maximize the growing potential, I grew as much as I could vertically. Here is a picture of some Late Dutch Honeysuckle, grown from a cutting taken from my childhood home, up one of trellis's I made. When in bloom, and after a nice hot summers day, the Honeysuckles fragrance would drift in the door and into the living room. I always like to take a few springs of fresh flowers and put it in a small bud vase next to the bed.

After a long day, it was always nice to come out and sit on the balcony amongst all the greenery, my sanctuary. The cat always had her favorite chair to.

This was a great view to look out to from the living room.

The years past and the garden is always changing.

One of my favorite roses, Abraham Darby it has a wonderful smell and is a full old fashioned looking flower. As you can see it's a climber.

Even in the winter, there's always a garden to tend. If there's any available space with good lite I'll have plants growing there.

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