Friday, March 26, 2010

The Townhouse Garden 2009 - Backyard Makeover

It's March 29, 2009, and the fence project is finally finished. It's the first weekend of nice weather and I'm now embarking on my next major garden project. I am going to totally renovate the back garden, nothing will stay the same. I have big plans, what's new.

Looking through the side gate, I can envision where my new arbours will be, along with the new veggie garden and rose bed.
In this view, I see I need to move the rhodo and reposition the rocks to create a smoother transition from one side of the yard to the next.

This is were the new arbour and veggie garden are going to be.

The new path from the patio to the gravel walkway will be straight ahead.

I like the natural element the granite rocks adds to the garden. I didn't want any hard edges, so the rocks have been re-worked with lots of graceful curves and positioned to flow from one rock to the next. It was not as easy as it may seem to match up the rocks, I sure got a workout that day.

Time to call out the troops and start on those 2 simple arbours. One will be bordering the veggie garden.

The other arbour will be framing the doorway.
In go the posts. When the fence was installed I observed how they set the post, they used a product called Stake-rite, a quick setting cement. They dug the wholes, positioned the post, poured in the dry Stake-rite cement, put the cross pieces in and then soaked around the base of the posts with water. No need to premix and pour, this worked great.

Ahh the sight of the new arbours are a beautiful thing.

I picked up a free load of composted horse manure which I'm going to incorporate into the soil by rototilling the garden. The soil that was under the grass was clay and quite compact and I couldn't have broken it up without some mechanical assistance.
Can't you just picture all the things that can grow in this new space!

The additional garden beds here will be planted with roses and other perennials.

The roses have been transplanted, the next project will be to plant up the garden and remove the rest of the grass, to be replaced with 3/4 inch crushed granite. In a perfect world I would kept the grass as it looks great against the granite rocks but the continued damage done by my dog is just to much for this little strip to handle.


  1. It looks like you have ready helpers, both big and small for your garden projects. the new arbour adds good height to your garden. The area will look great when you plant it. I like to read before and after projects, to see what other gardeners are doing.

  2. Thanks for the comment, I'm still updating my blog from all of last years happenings. Check back again soon and I should have a few more postings in the next month.

  3. It is quite a project. It surely bring the whole family to help and also to wonder how will all these end up as.... Great.

    ~ bangchik
    Putrajaya, Malaysia

  4. I don't think you'll regret removing the grass, other than it's a lovely green color. We had and identical situation and I kept the grass for a while. More trouble than it was worth with all the mowing and grass escapees growing from the path into the planting beds. I finally removed all the grass and put down crushed rock: worry free and looks great. Plus it drains well, great for wet summers....

    Christine in Alaska