Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Townhouse Garden 2009 - Grass Be Gone

With the fence project behind me, I am left with a muddy backyard as shown below.

Yuck! This was the state of the grass in late March.

As the spring progressed, other garden project took my time, but I can no longer ignore the state of the grass. I had always planned on removing it, as it's just not practical in this little backyard. The fence shades most of it for half of the year and if that doesn't kill it, then my small dog does a good job at it to, as seen by the brown patches. So with a lot of elbow grease and many trips to the dump, I removed all the grass, put 2 layers of landscape fabric down, and put down 3/4 inch crushed granite and some stepping stones.

What a difference it has made to the backyard. It really looks great against the nicely stained cedar fence and the granite boarder fits perfectly. No longer are you distracted from the garden with shabby looking grass.

The view from the other side of the yard.
Another total benefit to this new ground cover is that it still leaves room for the dog to do his business, and when he comes back inside his paws are no longer dirty although he does miss his grass, but hey, that's what walks are for. So the garden continues to grow, oh yes I will be dealing with the 2X4's they are the cross pieces for the arbour. A project for 2010.


  1. The gravel looks much better IMO. Plus it will be a lot less maintenance.

  2. Rachel - Yes, it is zero maintenance, and it is much easier to clean up after the dog to!