Friday, April 23, 2010

The Townhouse Garden 2009 - Summers Bounty

Now that the new beds have been created and amended, I planted my seeds.

Along with some Dahlia's, and Sunflower Seeds

Tomato's I started from seed,"Bonny Best"

The Garden is it's full glory, there's some radishes, carrots, onions, marigolds, sweet peas, pole beens, corn, a few Dahlia's and some weeds thrown in for good measure.

Those sunflowers are sure getting really tall.

I wanted to create a garden with rooms.
This is one of them, with some onions drying on the table.
Doesn't that look cozy.

Another perspective.

I'm quite happy with the way the backyard makeover turned out, but with all gardens it's continues to evolve.

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