Friday, March 11, 2011

I've Moved, Good Bye Richmond Hello Ladner

So the last 6+ months have been busy, last July we bought a house in Ladner. The months that followed were spent packing up, fixing up, moving around and unpacking, and there are still boxes that haven't found a home. This also means that I haven't done really any gardening in that time, except for cutting my new lawn, boring. Well my new house on a modest lot will provide plenty to post about. Lots to do and plan with this place. Stay tuned for more posts.



  1. Looking forward to your sharing your new home and garden with us! I'm glad you're back :-)

  2. You live in my home town. I think tweet up! Hope to see you around soon. We haven't met yet, have we?

  3. Granny - Good to back, still wishing I had more time on my hands to do more posts.

    Kristen - No, we haven't formally met, however I am one of the new Heather's at the Evergreen Garden Club.