Saturday, May 1, 2010

Richmond Garden Club Members Only Garden Tour 2009

Every year the Richmond Garden Club puts on it's Members Only Garden Tour. I always look forward to this event. Usually this is in July, my garden was is full bloom so I got a little creative and fashioned a flower hat for the occasion.
Here is my flower hat, a simple wicker hat with water spikes wired into the had, there are 3 types of roses, Abraham Darby (2 peach coloured ones on either side), Black Magic (3 to the centre, 2 to the upper, dark red) Double Delight (pink & white centre, what a wonderful scent) there is also Lady's Mantle (yellow flowers on green), lavender stems and Rhododendron. I kept the hat in the fridge to keep it fresh.
Here I am with my flower hat, taking the time to smell the roses. If any group of people would appreciate such a hat, it would be amongst my fellow gardeners.
A really neat potting shed. What a great use of doors and windows. If only I were that handy.
A little art in the garden. How every day items, new and old can be put on display and add a little cents of whimsy.
A nice place to sit a relax in the garden, but as any gardener will attest, it is a rare scene to see one resting in the garden, the moment you sit down to admire your efforts, you see something else that needs fussing with, and off you go again.
I really like the natural look of this fence around the vegetable garden.
Beautiful combination.
This was a neat little piece of garden art, a stone frog in the bird bath.
Enough said.
This goes to show you that container gardening can still offer up a lot of texture and colour to your outdoor space.
I really like the look of Geraniums in clay pots. It leaves me with an old English, glasshouse kind of feeling.
A sunny south facing wall is a perfect spot for tomatoes, they just need a big enough pot and lots of water.

To end the tour we visited a more natural garden, I saw so many dragon flies flying about. It was easy to capture a great shot of one, they are so pretty.

I like to visit as many gardens as I can, they are always filled with great idea's and such inspiration.


  1. Love your hat ! beautiful garden tour, thanks, Gina

  2. Looks like a fun tour! And your hat, very cool! Your right though, somethings only gardeners can truly appreciate.

  3. @Gina, Thanks.

    @Laura, Garden tours are always fun and filled with inspiration, anytime you get a chance to go on one do it.

  4. Love all the colour! Are these photos from this spring already?? How is it that there is so much in bloom right now?

    We've stepped back into winter here on the coast - it's gone cold again - just hope it doesn't stunt things too much!

  5. What a lovely hat you have created Heather! Yes, that potting shed is neat with the glass doors and windows. Those Geraniums are also marvelous. I'd also love to visit other gardens. But since I can't for the meantime, I'll just to look at the pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  6. @Michelle, No those are from the Richmond Garden Club Members Only Garden Tour last July.

  7. @Mary, yes it's always great to take a trip through pictures. This reminds me when I took one of the pictures above, the one with all the containers. The sun was out that day and I remember leaning over to smell one of the roses along the edge, I can still remember the warm pedals agains my nose, taking a deep breath, what a intoxicating scent only made better with the assistance of the sun.