Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Townhouse Garden 2010 - Iris Came Back For Mothers Day

It's been a few years now but Iris is back, looking more beautiful that ever.

Iris on Mothers Day 2010

It was in the summer of 2007, when Iris, having been ripped from the only home she'd known and kicked to the curb, found her way to me. I welcomed her in, cleaned her up, and gave her some fresh soil. I didn't have a permanent spot for her to stay at the time, as her arrival was quite sudden.

In 2008, Iris was showing some recovery,with some new, healthy growth. Still in her temporary accommodation, news was that a more permanent home was just around the corner.

2009 brought some setbacks for Iris, a recent renovation left her a little worse for wear, being walked all over and garbage thrown at her.

Early Spring 2010, Iris is looking strong and healthy, in her 3rd year here, she's getting settled and really putting down her roots.

Mothers Day weekend, and Iris is back, a real star in my garden, and just to think only a few years ago she was unloved and unwanted, well I love you Iris, and you can stay as long as you want.

Time to make some Mothers Day flower arrangements, I went around the garden and cut some of the best flowers that were available today.

Lily of the Valley

Rhododendron "Jean Marie de Montague"


"Basket of Gold" Alyssum

Variegated Euonymus

Purple Columbine

Lilac "Mme Lemoine"

Curly Parsley

Arrangement for my Mother In Law

Arrangement for my Mom.


  1. Lovely bouquets. I had a similar Iris problem. Ours n needed moving a couple of years back. I tried them in the pots, but they stopped flowering last year so I pulled them out and replanted them this spring in the back beds. A nice permanent home. I think they like their new home, as I spotted a few about to bloom yesterday. They know when they are in a good spot ;)

  2. @Laura, I like giving homes to free plants, and then have them reward me for my efforts.

  3. Glad the iris made it back to their full glory for Mother's Day - such wonderful blossoms. Enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your photos. Welcome to Blotanical!

  4. How wonderful that your iris has made a come back. I was beginning to despair that mine would never flower for me as I have also been moving them around for a few years, but this year they seem to have settled & most have flower buds! I have no idea what colours they will be as they were gifts from friends, but I'm very excited!

    Also, thanks for id'ing the alyssum for me! I have a wonderful crop of 'Basket of Gold' in flower - so much that I had to divide them up & give a few away & transplant them around. The scent is divine & the colour so brilliant!

    Your gardens are stunning - happy gardening!

  5. @Barbara - Thanks, I enjoy writing about and photographing my garden.

    @Michelle - The more Alyssum the better it's such a welcoming spring flower and hardy to boot.

  6. Nice blooms Heather and lovely bouquets!

  7. @Heather - Thanks, I checked out your blog and your photo's are great.

  8. Irises really do have a way of surviving, don't they. Your photos are lovely.

  9. @Diane - This was my first experience growing Iris's but I figured I couldn't go wrong, they were heading for someones garbage anyway. After such a beautiful display, I can't imagine not having a special spot in my garden for them, always.