Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Townhouse Garden 2010 - Wonderful Wisteria

So flash back to last year, February, our townhouse complex was getting a new fence. I had a small brick planter at the base of the brick post, which was, along with the rest of the fence, up for demolition. I removed the bricks and any plants that would be damaged.

February 2009

March 2010

2009, this area was left unfinished for all of last year. Waiting for the right inspiration to finish off the spot.

Fast forward to 2010, now was the time to get this area finished.
After sorting through the bricks I had on hand from the previous planter, this new area is slightly larger from the last one. After purchasing some more bricks, I laid them out in the general area of the new planter.

Using the same method of instillation as the other brick work around the Townhouse, the planter was now ready for some soil.

Lots of fresh compost will be mixed in with the existing soil.

Unfortunately, when I began to dig down I only got so far as a spades depth before running into a cement pad which runs the length, plus, of the planter. Before this townhouse complex was built, there was a house in this location and they must have had a retaining wall of some sort right were I want to dig, arrg. It's a good thing that the new planter will raise the growing area up 3 or 4 inches. There is also, as I discovered, a 2 inches gap where the cement pad ends and the edge of the planter is where roots could go down deeper into the soil in search of moisture.

Ah, all done, and planted with my newly purchased Wisteria "Texas Purple" an early to flower variety. I've read somewhere, when purchasing a Wisteria, you should find one that is or has bloomed, if not, you could be waiting a few years to see flowers. Of course, I've also been told that once a Wisteria has become established, watch out, and have your pruners handy. It will need to be pruned a few times during the growing season to keep it in check or it might take over, destroying fence panels, ripping siding off housing, grabbing small children as they walk by, (kidding) ;)
I have secured some eye hooks into the fencing with wire running between them so the vines could attach themselves to that, and not my new fence.

Wire running the length of the top of the fence.

I really love the look of the flowers of Wisteria, like clusters of grapes, and the smell, like sweet peas. Once this vine is established and trailing along the top of the fence, it should be breath taking when in bloom.

I finished the planter off with some perennials, Geranium cinereum "Sateene" Grayleaf Geranium, Dianthus barbatus "Sooty" Sooty Sweet William, and Gaillardia "Scarlet Halo" Blanket flower. Now all I have to do is add water and watch it grow.


  1. Wisteria is so beautiful in bloom! Your planter looks great, and I like what you've done with the eye hooks!

  2. Fabulous! Wisteria will take anything down, true, so watch your little bed! Gina

  3. How lovely! I've been dreaming of wisteria for my house for a couple of years, but hesitated due to the potential for structural damage. I've been given wisteria seeds from quite a few people & they actually sprouted!

    This year I bit the bullet & planted the sole survivor in a spot that I feel relatively comfortable due to easy access for the pruning chores. Now we shall see if it survives the summer!

    Plus, I don't know if it will be white or purple & if I can get it growing strong this year, I might luck into flowers in just a few short years (with dilegent pruning) instead of the 14 years my mom waited for her's to bloom!

    Do you have anything planted on the other side of the fence? Have you thought about jasmine? I've seen it growing here in Bamfield as well as up in Campbell River - with protection in the winter, it just might do well!

  4. @Laura, Thanks, it's all about the little projects, if I can focus on those, then the garden transformation doesn't seem so daunting.

    @Gina, I'm ready for it!

    @Michelle, I to have always had Wisteria on my must have plant list, and I finally had the right spot for it. It wasn't cheap, but I specifically looked for one that was already blooming, and as it turned out this particular variety specifically states on the label that it blooms at an early age. I just wouldn't have the patience to wait, besides I might not be in this townhouse forever and I want to enjoy it while I'm here.

  5. I like it, Heather - it looks like it's a great spot to grow wisteria!

  6. @Heather, I tried to find a spot where the Wisteria could really have some room to spread out.